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Thursday, February 28, 2013

High Blood Pressure and Isometric Exercise

What health risks if any are associated with doing isometric exercises? It has been found that when performing isometric exercises that the heart rate is only slightly increased, with little to no oxygen increase. In addition there is also little to no increase of blood flow to the area being exercised. Somehow, with these two combinations there is an increase in blood pressure.

Because of this doctors do not recommend isometric exercise to people that have high blood pressure because those with weak blood vessels or heart trouble could rupture a blood vessel or get irregular heart beats. In contrast, exercising with weights does not seem to have the same consequences so is safer for those with high blood pressure. You must remember to breathe when performing these exercises, holding your breath will also increase you blood pressure.

On the flip side of this is a program that some are doing that claim is lowering their blood pressure. It's a form of isometrics called "brief maximal extensive isometric exercise" that is done by simultaneously tensing all the muscles in the body for 60 seconds. It can be done three times a day. They have found that the blood pressure does increase for five to eight weeks then the pressure dropped down to the normal ranges. I recommend that you talk to your doctor about this and investigate on line before trying this program.
Isometrics are an excellent way to work out, just keep in mind the possibility of increased blood pressure and how it may affect you. We want to get stronger but not at the expense of causing other medical complications.

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